Dr. Stuart McGill & Brian Carroll

25 Oct Dr. Stuart McGill And Brian Carroll – The Gift Of Injury

(#224) Dr. Stuart McGill and Brian Carroll return to the podcast this week to share their story about the “Gift of Injury.”

The NEW book, co-written by my guests, outline Brian’s recovery from back injury and how he returned to elite level powerlifting with the help of Dr. Stuart McGill.

Dr. Stuart McGill has been the professor of Spine Biomechanics at the University of Waterloo since 1986. He is widely regarded as the world-leading authority in Spine Biomechanics and has worked with individuals and teams all over the globe.

Brian Carroll is a world-class powerlifter with over a decade of elite lifting under his belt. He came back from a devastating back injury and returned to the pinnacle of world-class powerlifting, while successfully becoming pain and symptom free.

Their new book is a system to maximize function and optimize performance for the strength athlete and should serve as the definitive guide to back rehabilitation and training.

Here’s what you’ll learn this week in an amazing interview with the authors:

  • Dr. McGill describes Brian’s initial interaction and assessment
  • How Dr. McGill explains the devastating scenario
  • What Brian’s mindset was like when he went to visit Dr. McGill
  • How the book idea came about – and actually came to reality
  • How fast his pain began to resolve following the advice of Dr. McGill
  • Pain triggers – and their importance in relieving pain
  • The initial “movement” patterns used by Dr. McGill to reduce pain
  • Key cues and tips to improve function and core stiffness
  • The science of “bone callousing” – and why this is important
  • Why Brian says his program was so successful
  • We discuss long-term thoughts on back injuries
  • Who needs to read this book – and why
  • Why they ultimately decided to collaborate on this project
  • How ‘Gift Of Injury’ differs from each of their previous books
  • Should clinician’s read this book?
  • What all humans can learn from the strength athlete
  • Tools and practical applications to use in everyday life
  • How the ‘Gift Of Injury’ changed Brian’s life for the better
  • What Dr. McGill learned from working with Brian
  • And so much more…
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