16 Mar Fabio Zonin – Why Strength Training Principles Are Universal

(#165) Fabio Zonin is this week’s featured guest on the podcast and the amount of quality information during this interview blew me away. Fabio is a Master SFG, SFB, and SFL. He is a former powerlifter, natural bodybuilder and was a master teacher for the Italian Federation of Fitness (FIF) for nearly 2 decades. Fabio has authored numerous articles for popular magazines and websites dedicated to fitness, bodybuilding and strength training.

I’m really excited to share this interview session, which is packed with so much actionable advice that you can start to apply immediately. We dive deep on a number of topics, including kettlebell tips and techniques, having a balanced approach to training, finding reliable sources of information, and so much more.

In this fully loaded, in-depth discussion, Fabio takes us on his journey, from Bodybuilding to Barbells, and shares his battle-tested training principles and methodologies.

Here’s what you’ll hear about in this week’s amazing episode:

  • Fabio shares his journey in the strength game
  • The principles of strength are universal regardless of the tool
  • How Fabio went from Bodybuilding to Barbells
  • Find out why Fabio had to perform the snatch test with only 1 arm
  • Learn why the kettlebell swing will improve your deadlift
  • Using the kettlebell to build strength, lose fat, and improve your health
  • Maintaining mobility and flexibility in your 40’s and beyond
  • How to prevent your clients from making the mistakes you made
  • The BIGGEST kettlebell training mistake – this is key!
  • Why you should never disrespect light weights
  • The best way to accelerate your training success
  • Understanding that your knowledge evolves over time
  • What are the limitations to kettlebell training?
  • Understanding the different styles of kettlebell training
  • How to choose the kettlebell style that fits your needs
  • One of the most underutilized kettlebell exercises and the benefits of doing it
  • Why you don’t have to train like a bodybuilder to look like a bodybuilder
  • Why if you move well – you’ll look good
  • The importance of a well balanced approach to training
  • What variables drive increased muscle size?
  • Why doubling the dose doesn’t double your results
  • The story and secret behind the 5T RM Back Squat Program
  • His great closing advice – not to be missed!

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