03 Feb Frank McKinney – Life Success Secrets To Make It Big

(#159) Frank McKinney is the first guest to be interviewed “live-in-person” on the podcast in an amazing and powerful episode.

Frank is a Mega-Real Estate Developer and Artist, 5-time International Best-Selling Author, Philanthropist, Ultra-Marathon Athlete, and True Visionary.

Frank’s ground-breaking book – Make It Big – has been a best-selling book and has changed peoples lives all over the world.

I’m honored and excited to share this dynamic and inspiring interview session as we sat down “live” from Frank’s treehouse office in Delray Beach, Florida where we chatted about key life lessons to “Make It Big.”

This is a different type of interview and one that will benefit every listener in this insightful discussion about life success – in training and beyond.

Frank shares many great stories and messages in this session.

Here’s what you’ll hear about in this week’s amazing episode:

  • How Frank went from rough beginnings to extreme success
  • Success secrets for the “business of life”
  • The story behind “Make It Big
  • Why everyone has a book inside them
  • How he overcame multiple rejections and got his book done
  • “Systems” – the key to success?
  • Why he believes execution (not action) is everything
  • Why getting what you want means taking small steps
  • The 4 stages of becoming an “executioner”
  • How Frank defines the ONLY form of success
  • The “epiphany moment” that changed Frank’s life
  • What drives him to this day
  • Risk – How to beat fear associated with risk
  • His simple disciplinary practices for “conditioning”
  • What made him decide to run in the Badwater UltraMarathon
  • His successes and challenges in multiple Badwater events
  • How an random “accident” led to learning about Badwater
  • Where he focuses his strength training for sport
  • Strategies for recovery
  • His experiences going “vegan” as an endurance athlete
  • The impact of mentorship and coaching in life
  • Simple advice to find a mentor or coach
  • What advice he’d give to himself as a young man
  • What he’s most grateful for
  • Frank’s GREAT closing advice…one powerful word!

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