17 Dec Gary Ward – What The Foot? A Philosophy on Human Performance (Part I)

(#97) Gary Ward is a pioneer in human performance and he’s this week’s amazing podcast guest.

Gary is the author of an incredible book titled “What The Foot” which is a “game changing” philosophy on human movement to eliminate pain and maximize potential.

This session is the literally the “cutting edge” in performance and we covered a lot of ground in this interview, yet we truly only scratched the surface on his philosophy.

This interview is split into 2 episodes (Part I and Part II) because of the depth of information covered and I wanted listeners to be able to absorb the high value content and brilliant insight that Gary shares.

Part II will be released as a “special edition” episode shortly after this release, so you’ll definitely want to check that out to dive deeper into Gary’s approach.

Be open to learning and I recommend you drink some “brain fuel” while you listen to this session, as my brain was on “overload.”

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in Part I:

  • How I discovered this amazing book
  • How “ski boots” led to his discovery of optimizing human performance
  • Why the “WTF” approach is different from anything else
  • How a 1 mm change in the foot can impact the entire body
  • Who benefits from his unique approaches
  • How to make the foot (a complex structure) very simple
  • Why most disregard the importance of the foot to the body as a whole
  • Pronation in the foot – understanding what it is and is it a bad thing?
  • Is a “neutral foot” achievable?
  • How his approach improved a seasoned powerlifter’s personal best by 40 kg in 2 days
  • Hear a detailed description of how a simple shift in the foot improves the dynamics of the body in motion
  • The significance of “being centered” (a very important concept in function and performance)
  • How this all relates to kettlebells, barbells, and performance training

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Make sure to check out PART II of this interview.

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