20 Jan Georgie Fear – The Science Behind Habit Based Nutrition

(#157) Georgie Fear, registered dietitian, professional nutrition coach, and author of Lean Habits, is the featured guest this week on the podcast.

This is an intensive interview discussing Georgie’s passion and expertise: habit based nutrition.

Before we immersed into the nutrition talk, we discussed her “current state” and the physical challenge she’s currently dealing with.

This is a powerful and amazing story.

Here’s what you’ll hear about this week:

  • Learn about her diverse background, professionally and as an athlete
  • How she incorporated strength training into her endurance background
  • Her “big” challenge – how she’s currently handling a major issue
  • The psychology of dealing with injury
  • What she’s hoping to get back to (functionally and in her training)
  • Defining habit-based-nutrition, what is it really?
  • How long does it typically take to develop new habits?
  • Breaking down the 4 core habits
  • Why she doesn’t like eating to “80% full”
  • Is eating 3-4 times per day optimal?
  • Thoughts on protein and protein supplementation
  • What 2 types of protein she recommends to avoid and why
  • Fats and carbs – the issues, debates, and the science
  • Problems with consuming over 40% fat, in terms of satiety
  • How to sort through (and make sense of) conflicting nutritional information
  • The problem (and challenges) with looking at studies
  • What causes “mindless eating” or “emotional eating” (and how to beat it)
  • Optimizing your nutrition on training days
  • How she keeps up on the science
  • Great closing advice and next steps…

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