31 Dec Gray Cook on Advances in Functional Movement (Part I)

(EPISODE #100) Gray Cook, Creator of the Functional Movement Screen and author of the amazing book “Movement” is this week’s podcast guest.

This episode marks the 100th episode of The Rdella Training Podcast and I couldn’t be more excited and honored to share such an amazing and brilliant guest, the renowned Physical Therapist & Strength Coach, Gray Cook.

Gray is truly a pioneer in strength and conditioning, as well as rehabilitation, with his books Athletic Body in Balance and Movement.

He’s also the Founder of Functional Movement Systems which promotes the concept of movement pattern screening and assessment.

Before getting into the interview with Gray, I take a few minutes to reflect on 100 episodes of the show, recapping some of the great guests and show highlights, as well as discuss the vision of the podcast.

And, thanks to each and every one of you (the loyal listeners, subscribers, and new listeners), I truly appreciate you being a part of this journey.

This is Part I of the two part interview series with Gray.

Here’s what you’ll learn in Part I of the session:

  • What’s changed since he wrote his groundbreaking book, “Movement
  • Current concepts with the FMS (Functional Movement Screen)
  • What Gray says is the “one big thing” we need to know about the FMS
  • What’s most important to know about mobility and stability
  • Why everything starts with “movement patterns”
  • Understand why we cannot look at mobility or stability in isolation (key concept)
  • The key difference to know about a good score or bad score in the FMS
  • What Gray says the FMS is NOT
  • Where he and others (Dr. Stuart McGill, Kelly Starrett) agree in regards to movement
  • What he says is the best stability work we can do (it may surprise you)
  • The importance of “training continuums”
  • The “missing link” in training progressions
  • A detailed biomechanical and metabolic analysis of the Russian kettlebell swing vs the American kettlebell swing
  • The big problems with the American kettlebell swing
  • And, more brilliant insight and perspective from Gray Cook…

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Things from this week’s episode:

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