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Welcome To The Show!

Background On The Podcast (Please Read)

I created this page for guests (or potential guests) to learn a little about the show and to be fully prepared.

If you’ve already agreed to be a guest on the show – thank you.

Currently, The Rdella Training Podcast:

  • Has over 250 episodes
  • Has been downloaded over 1,500,000 times
  • Has nearly 300 5-star reviews
  • Featured guests have included NY Best-Selling Authors, Top-level Coaches, Elite Fitness Professionals and Athletes, and World-Renowned Experts and Authorities
  • The weekly show is a high-quality and professional fitness podcast for serious fitness enthusiasts, lifters, coaches, and athletes all over the world.
  • We focus on many areas of strength training, but we also cover many unique topics that are not in mainstream fitness.

To view the show in Apple Podcasts and see more information, click the icon below.

We’ve been honored to be recognized by Men’s Journal (and others) as being one of the Best Fitness Podcasts available. The show has also been featured and recognized by other podcasting platforms for excellence.

I’m looking forward to making your interview stand out.

I put a lot of thought and preparation into each interview session and don’t “cookie cutter” my question set.

Here’s what you need to know about the podcast – and the next steps.

Please read this carefully.

(***I will send you an individual link to easily schedule your interview.)

Once you’re scheduled, I’ll begin working on your unique and customized question set, specific to you, your background, your book, or any topic that we have agreed on prior to the interview.

I can be prepared for an interview as soon as 24 hours, but I typically prefer additional time to work on your questions so that we will have an exceptional interview experience.

Our #1 goal is to educate our audience, as well as help spread the word about your work and the impact you are making in the industry.

When it comes time for our interview, please note the following:

  • Be in a quiet location with no background noise or distractions
  • Have a good internet connection (*Very Important)
  • Have a quality audio set-up:  Microphone, Headset, or Built-in computer mic can work fine. The better the audio, the better quality interview we will have.
  • We will mostly likely use ZOOM for the interview, which has been a great experience for interviewing.
  • I will send you a custom link to the ZOOM session prior to our interview.

Please note that the podcast is labeled as “CLEAN” in Apple Podcasts – this means no profanity for the episode.

Why? My audience has appreciated a ‘professional’ interview that they can listen to in any environment or in any setting.

While there are many fitness podcasts that use explicit language, we aim to keep the show as professional as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation on this.

I will ask a few general questions, but the majority of questions will be customized specific to you.

1.) I may ask you for a brief intro about your background and how you go to where you are – as we open the interview.

2.) I will ask you what book you recommend the most to others.

3.) I will likely ask about common mistakes or errors as it relates to our topic. Possibly, mistakes that you have made along the way.

3.) MY FINAL QUESTION – What is the “actionable takeaway” for the audience after listening to our session? (I ask this of every guest).

What do I need from you?

1.) At the time of our interview, please be ready to go! Be ready to add value for the audience to serve the community.

2.) If there is a picture you’d like me to use for the custom graphic we create – please send me a waist up – or face shot – hi-resolution photo that I can use for the show post.

That’s all I need and we’ll take care of the rest!

Once our interview is published “live” – we will shoot you an email to let you know.

Thanks for your willingness to be a guest on this podcast and share your knowledge and insights on the show.

I greatly look forward to speaking with you and making it an outstanding interview and experience for the audience.

Any other questions I can answer for you?

Please let me know.

All the best and talk soon!



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