13 Jul Hayden Bowe & Stefi Cohen – The Hybrid Performance Method

(#181) Strength Athletes, Hayden Bowe and Stefi Cohen, join the podcast this week in a phenomenal “live in-person” interview session.

In this session, I sat down with them “LIVE” in South Florida to do this amazing interview session discussing their approach to training.

Hayden and Stefi have a truly innovative approach to training as they’re successful in both Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting.

You’ll discover how they maximize their training with great results using The Hybrid Performance Method.

Here’s what you’ll learn this week:

  • How Hayden and Steph found their way to elite performance
  • Is it really possible to combine Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting
  • Their “secret” to competition preparation
  • How to effectively use training percentages – based on how you feel
  • The #1 thing that makes them “successful” as athletes
  • How Stefanie deals with the “stress” of her Physical Therapy education while training
  • How her Physical Therapy background helps her as an athlete
  • Key differences (and similarities) between Olympic lifting and Powerlifting
  • The importance of general strength (you have to hear this!)
  • The key lifts to get insanely strong in Olympic lifting (surprising?)
  • Where (and why) traditional bodybuilding fits into the Hybrid approach
  • How The Hybrid Performance Method was born – and what it’s designed to do
  • The #1 priority in good squat
  • The most effective assistance exercise to get stronger in the Olympic lifts
  • Their best advice to improve snatch strength
  • How they approach their annual training plan
  • What they do to “warm-up”
  • What they do AFTER the competition is over…
  • Great closing advice and 2 major takeaways from the interview…



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