26 Sep A “No Excuses” Hotel Room Workout You Can Use

Push upsYou’re busy.  Listen, we all are.

You might even travel frequently with your job. Just because you travel, that’s no excuse to miss a workout.  Is it more of a challenge?  Sure, it is.

Most hotels have adequate gym facilities to get in a decent workout.  Some hotels even have premier gyms and equipment.  Almost all hotels, at a minimum, have the basic equipment to allow you to keep the critical momentum you need with your workout program.

It really comes down to you. You must have dedication and commitment to yourself to ensure you’ll keep exercising.  It’s all a matter of habit.  If you have the positive habit of regular exercise, you can always find the time and means to get it done, right?

Recently, I had some travel myself.  I found I had limited time to workout, with all of the busy meetings and events.  I somehow was able to get to the hotel gym one day and also improvise this bodyweight workout in my hotel room another day.

When you’re on the road, you’ve got to “make do” with the resources available to you.  I had limited time and limited equipment in the hotel’s gym I was staying in.

With the limited time, I came up with this killer workout one early morning in my hotel room.  Remember this, no equipment is “no excuse.” Bodyweight training can be quite intense, as I realized with the power of this workout.

Here’s the exact circuit I did: (with brief rest periods in between exercises)

  • Walkouts (x 10 reps) what I did here was hands on the floor in standing position, I slowly ‘walked out’ into an extended position, like a push up except my hands continued out over my head as far as I could go and then came back to starting position.
  • Push ups (x 30 reps) keeping very strict form and complete tension in my entire body.
  • Burpees (5 minutes, resting as needed during the 5 minute time period) these will fry you!  5 minutes was slightly insane and very brutal.  Don’t believe me, go ahead and try for yourself.  This is something you must experience.
  • Prisoner squats (x 20 reps) descending to parallel, hands behind my head.
  • Push ups (x 30 reps)
  • V position presses (x12 reps) feet on the floor and bent over with my hands on the floor in a “V” position. Maintaining this position, I basically did a shoulder press using my bodyweight.  This is a lesser version of handstand shoulder presses.
  • Planks (x 2 minute hold) again, very strict here and maintained complete body tension and slow, controlled breathing.  Full body tension is key to optimize this exercise.
  • Prisoner Lunges (x 10 reps each leg)
  • Push ups (2 sets of 20 reps to finish) I used 2 sets of pushups as my “finisher” to wrap things up!  This was a really, really awesome short, intense bodyweight workout.

Total time was approximately 25 minutes.  I felt like I had a fantastic workout after I did this little program, I can tell you. The burpees were very challenging, to say the least.

This is a great muscle building, fat burning workout you can do anywhere, anytime with absolutely zero equipment required.

Think it’s easy?  Give it a go and get back to me, OK?

When you’re traveling, you shouldn’t have to break the momentum of your training. The danger of that is that sometimes when this happens, that’s all it takes for your program to go out the window all together.

This is something I’ve written about I called “derailment”.  Don’t let that to happen to you.

Keep the training momentum going and use the resources you have.  Travel is no excuse to derail your training success.

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