12 Dec Here’s a Quick, Powerful Double Kettlebell Workout You Can Use That Offers Big Results.

KettlebellsI always say how really effective double kettlebell work is.

So, here’s a great workout session IF you’ve got your single kettlebell skills down.  That’s a big “IF.”

Double kettlebell training is one of the most efficient ways to train, especially on the days when you have limited time, but need a high impact total body training session.

Again, do not go to doubles until you can successful complete single kettlebell exercises with good technique.

With that said, this is a workout for intermediate or advanced kettlebell enthusiasts and will give you a great total body program in under 30 minutes.

This is definitely a powerful session, offering many benefits.

Pick a weight that you can perform a good, strong 5 reps with for all the exercises listed.

Warm up properly with some joint mobility and movement prep before beginning this, of course.

Here’s the workout:

  1. Double swings (x5)
  2. Double cleans (x5)
  3. Double swings (x5)
  4. Double snatches (x5)
  5. Double swings (x5)
  6. Double front squats (x5)
  7. Double swings (x5)
  8. Double high pulls (x5)
  9. Double swings (x5)
  10. Double clean and jerks (x5)
  11. Double swings (x5)
  12. Double military press (x5)
  13. Double swings (x20)
  14. Double swings (x20)

That’s it.  A short, powerful, intense workout.

When I performed this recently, all exercises were performed with double 24kg kettlebells and approximately 30-60 seconds of rest between sets.

Keep the rest minimal and keep moving between exercises.

You’ll notice that each exercise was interspaced between double swings.

Double swings were the core exercise in this session because swings are great to use to increase the metabolic training effect of the program, which was a desired goal for this training session.

Remember, keep the goal the goal.

You can use this workout and rotate a different core exercise for variety.

There were 8 sets total of double swings and I finished with 2 higher rep sets.

This double kettlebell session is an exceptional workout, especially for the “time challenged.”

I’m a big fan of double kettlebell work because they offer “big bang” results in minimal time.

The key is not to rush into double kettlebell exercises until you have a solid (and I mean solid) foundation of single kettlebell skills first.

If you’re ready, double kettlebell programming is a great addition to your training program or may be a complete program option as a stand alone system, such as Geoff Neupert’s wonderful program, Kettlebell Muscle.

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