06 Feb How Kettlebell Training is Like Playing Golf

Kettlebell training is just like playing golf.  Give me a minute and let me explain.  If you’ve ever played golf and are any good at it, I’m sure you didn’t get good very fast.  It takes time, a lot of practice, and skill development to get good.  Look at Tiger Woods, he started swinging a club almost as soon as he was able to walk.  He excels at what he does through practice, hard work, and developing awesome motor control (or Neuromuscular programming).

Kettlebell training is just like golf in a sense.  It takes a while for your muscles to figure out how to move properly.  Your brain has to sync up with your muscles to do the exercises the right way.  This is motor control.  Now you shouldn’t be discouraged by this at all, as a matter of fact, that’s one of the great things about training with kettlebells, you are learning a new skill over time that will provide you massive benefits.

Let’s take the swing, for example.  Most properly trained kettlebell instructors will tell you that the swing is the foundational movement for you to perform most of the other kettlebell exercises.  Well, on paper, the swing is a very simple exercise, however, it’s one of the hardest to actually learn for most people.  There’s a huge difference between “swinging a kettlebell” and “performing a kettlebell swing” as Master RKC Brett Jomes would say. Understand the difference?

Motor control is what kettlebell training is all about, and the same with golf.  As a golf swing is developed and improved over time, the same holds true with the development of a kettlelbell swing, or kettlebell snatch, clean, or get up.  I bet if you ask a top kettlebell instructor, they will tell you they’re still working on their swing.  The point is, it takes a while learn and get good.  And, you can always improve your technique.  Tiger Woods still works on his swing mechanics right?

The key is when you get proper instruction, you can have a decent swing for the most part.  But this doesn’t mean you are a “swing master”.  As a matter of fact, it’s only the beginning, as your brain and body continue to find the right pattern and work out most efficiently to provide your body with some truly amazing results.

Here’s 3 things you can do to maximize your training and build the right pattern or motor control sequence for maximum benefits:

  1. Get qualified instruction. I recommend learning from someone that has been trained as an HKC (Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified) or RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor).  Top notch instruction means you get to learn the safest and most effective way to train, so it pays to get the best level of instruction there is.
  2. Practice, practice, and practice some more. Learn all you can about the skill of training with kettlbells.  Practice what you learn.
  3. Commit to this skill.  If you find you’re a little frustrated in the beginning, no worries.  Just make sure you stick with it and give it time for this “motor programming” pattern to develop into your nervous system.  Remember that takes a little time, so have some patients and stick it out.  I guarantee you’ll get incredible results if you allow time for the motor patterns to develop.

So, remember, kettlebell training is just like golf.  Your brain has to figure out how to move properly and fire the muscles in the correct sequence, just like a great golf swing.

Yes, kettlebell training is just like playing golf.

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