06 Jun How To Put On Muscle With Kettlebells: Kettlebell Muscle

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(*Please note that it appears that this book is no longer available. However, there are some important things to know about double kettlebell training in this article, so please read through.)

I recently interviewed Master kettlebell instructor, Geoff Neupert on the Podcast.

What a great interview with lots of knowledge and experience that Geoff shared.  A really cool guy, for sure.

In the interview, I mentioned one of my own favorite kettlebell programs, which is Geoff’s book, Kettlebell Muscle.

Why do I absolutely love this book?

First of all, it’s very simple.

From the rationale of the program, the explanation of the benefits, the specific examples of how to do the exercises, and the expected outcomes, this is a definitely a simple, proven program.

If you’re looking for the ultimate time efficient workout that packs a major punch, this is it.

If you’re looking to add more muscle and take your strengthening and conditioning to a very high level, this is the program.

Kettlebell muscle is not a beginner’s program though.

I’m not sure it’s even for an intermediate.

While the program is very, very simple, it’s also very, very physically demanding, even though the workouts are short duration.

The secret of this program in that it’s done with double kettlebells.

I always say that double kettlebell training takes things to an entirely new level.  If you think singe kettlebell exercises are tough, doubles are unreal.

Not only did Geoff design this program as a double kettlebell training system, but he designed it by using the powerful kettlebell complex.

Just in case you don’t know what a complex is, a complex is a series of exercises performed without rest.

For example, a 2 exercise complex looks like this:

  • 5 reps of double kettlebell swings then
  • 5 reps of double kettlebell snatches

I’ll tell you this, there are no 2 exercise complexes in the kettlebell muscle program.  A 3 exercise complex is the lowest number exercise complex you’ll discover here, which means the program is serious training.

I think you can see the challenge you’ll have with this, even though the concept is very simple.

Just so you know, the program is designed as a 6 week or 12 week program and it’s something you do just 3 days a week (believe me, that’s about all anyone can handle and you’ll need the rest and recovery).

Who is this program excellent for?

It’s for people that want to dramatically increase their strength – and put on muscle without spending all day working out.

It’s extremely time-efficient and it’s a great way to change up your programming, provided you’ve already got your kettlebell skills down.

What are some of the big benefits of this program?

  • If you want brief, powerful training sessions
  • If you want be physically challenged in a safe way and not do a ton of meaningless exercises
  • If you want to build muscle with a rapid, explosive training system
  • If you want to sleep well (you’ll be tired…)
  • And, much more.

This is one of my very favorite training programs for these reasons and the sheer simplicity and results it provides.

A great book, a simple training system, and a resource you’ll use over and over again to challenge yourself.

If you’ve got a good foundation with kettlebells and consider yourself ready for an advanced program, then I recommend Kettlebell Muscle by Geoff Neupert.

I easily recommend this book based on great results and a hell of a challenge.

But, please remember, this is NOT a beginner’s program.

If you’re a novice with kettlebells, this isn’t going to be your gig right now.

Scott Iardella, MPT, CSCS is a strength coach, athlete, and former “physio” who’s mission is to bridge the gaps in strength, performance and injury prevention. Scott is the author of the book, The Edge of Strength. If you’re looking for effective kettlebell workouts, check out Kettlebell Impact. It’s FREE!
  • Trina
    Posted at 00:55h, 08 June Reply

    I actually can’t wait to do the 12 week program. I bought the book a long time ago not realizing I wasn’t ready for it, yet. I just started Geoff’s Kettlebell Burn EXTREME, and that is anawesome program as well. I am totally loving the challenge and committment required for the program. I am going to do KB Muscle after I finish EXTREME. I love his training style, and he is so very helpful with his programs! I have them all and I am set for years with programs! I have been a reader of yours for a while and I totally appreciate all your great info on here! Thanks!

    • Scott
      Posted at 05:04h, 08 June Reply

      Hey Trina!
      Thanks for sharing. Yeah, all of Geoff’s stuff is really awesome, which is why I love to talk about it and share it with other people. He REALLY has some great programs. When you get to KB Muscle, I’m sure you’ll love it in a crazy kind of way (it’s pretty brutal, but very effective). Sounds like all is going great with your programming and appreciate the comment. If I can help with anything, just let me know. Thanks for reading.
      Cheers! Scott

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