13 May How To Take Your Training To The Next Level

Mental TrainingExercise technique, exercise selection, and optimal nutrition are all critical components in our training success.

To get the results we want, we’ve got to do the the right things.

Of course, we have to know what it is we want.

Assuming we do, there is something that’s so important to our success, yet it’s not discussed nearly enough, in my opinion.

That thing is the mental aspect of training.

Our mindset is critical in peak performance and optimizing results.

There are many, many facets to mental training and I’m not going to get too deep for now.

If you want to get a great introduction and perspective on developing a wining mindset, be sure to check out the recent podcast interview I had with leading sports psychologist, Dr. Jim Afremow.

He shared great insight in that interview.

Here’s the thing.

Mindset training is just like physical training.

And, just like developing our physical strength, we have to do the right things to develop our mental strength.

We have to practice.


A championship mindset, a warrior mindset is what separates average from the elite.

This can easily transcend our training and performance to new levels.

Peak performance and optimal results is a blend of many things, but mentality is such a critical component.

Here’s just a few examples of the important components involved in mental training:

  • managing self talk
  • establishing self belief
  • using visualization and mental rehearsal
  • attitude
  • focus
  • relaxation techniques
  • building mental toughness

And, this just scratches the surface on techniques in optimizing mindset.

I will tell you that understanding and applying these concepts can radically improve your outcomes.


Where am I going with all this?

I’m just laying the framework with this topic, as we’ll be diving much deeper into the mental side of peak performance.

I’m excited to share some great interviews and new information on this topic soon.

For now, here’s a few great resources I’d highly recommend reading on the topic:

To wrap up, here’s a great quote from DC Gonzalez that we need to remember.

“Whatever is going on inside your head has everything to do with how well you end up performing.”

I’d ask you to assess your mentality in your training and ask “What can I do better to improve my performance?

What can you do to drive for better results and take your training to that next level?

Here’s one thing I know.

I guarantee we can all improve our mental techniques just like our physical techniques to get better results.

If we’re not proactively training our mindset, we’re not operating at our full potential.

More to come…

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  • Prof TM
    Posted at 12:10h, 15 May Reply

    Excellent points made, and as with the podcast, always a positive attitude towards improving to become our best, whether it’s mental, strength technique, conditioning, or nutrition.

    One note: I couldn’t comment on a prior podcast (#63) where I first heard of the Audible sponsored trial, so I hope this isn’t out of place — I welcome this sort of sponsor and have joined Audible, and am looking forward to your recommendations on relevant audiobooks, particularly those that don’t come up from a simple keyword search on training/strength/muscle, such as your recommendation of “The ONE Thing” by Gary Keller. Thanks Scott!

    • Scott
      Posted at 21:52h, 16 May Reply

      Appreciate the comment and glad you liked “The One Thing.”
      That’s definitely one of my favorites and just recommended it again to a buddy the other day.

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