01 Aug Is THIS The Number One Fitness Tool?

Man Holding KettlebellHere’s my case for the premier fitness tool on the planet.

First, I’m going to make some assumptions about you.  If you reading this, you fall into one of three categories.  You either 1-have no idea what a kettlebell is, 2-you know what it is, but have limited experience or haven’t been trained properly yet, or 3-you are very experienced and may even be a certified kettlebell instructor yourself.

This article is designed for the first category, but is appropriate for any of the three.

I’m going to make this simple and to the point.  If you’ve read any of the material on this site or know anything about me, then you know I been training myself for nearly 30 years. Obviously, that’s a long time.

But, it was only the last few years that I discovered Russian Kettlebells as a new, highly effective, and fast way to train my entire body.

With all the crappy fitness gimmicks that come and go each year, I decided to try something new with kettlebells.  I was hooked immediately and it’s been non stop ever since.

My opinion is that there is, literally, NOTHING as effective for total body strengthening and conditioning.  I’ve tried many different methods and I’ve been at the ‘Iron Game’ for many years, but nothing delivers every single fitness goal you could ever want in such a time efficient manner.  Nothing.

You may be thinking about your goals and if this tool could address them.

Ok, let’s look at cardiovascular health, fat loss, energy, strengthening, conditioning, joint mobility, and muscle flexibility, How about the core of all that which is to look better, feel better, and perform better. No matter what goal you may have, I can tell you how we can address it with a kettlebell.

Now, does this mean this should be your entire training system?  Well, it can be, but that may depend on what else you want to get out of you training.

I have heard other fitness professionals say that this is merely just another tool in the bag.  I totally disagree!

Again, this can be your entire system OR it can (and should) be additive to what you are already doing.  If you are ready to start exercising and get in shape again, this can be your gym for a year or much longer.  It’s that good.

I’ve written and discussed before that kettlebell training is about “movement” more than anything else.  This tool teaches you how to move better.  And, as a result, you can have rather dramatic health, fitness, and performance outcomes.  This is elite training for people that demand results.

In my 30 years of training (and I’ve trained my ass off over the years), I’ve never experienced anything so effective in so many ways as kettlebells.

The benefit list is endless.  Once you can establish a baseline with the fundamental exercises, the results are unparalleled.

So, are kettlebells the number one fitness tool?

I say, absolutely yes!  There’s not even a question.

Are there other great training tools and methods?  Yes, of course. But, if you’re asking me, what is the very best training tool there is, kettlebell training is it.

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