05 Mar James Clear Discusses Strength Training and Habit Transformation

(#56) James Clear is this week’s podcast guest.

James is an entrepreneur, weightlifter, travel photographer, and a really brilliant guy who shares his great insights in this week’s show.

In this session, I was privileged to speak to James about his approach to strength training and we also discussed the important topic of developing new habits.

One of the most important attributes that all successful people have in common is their success habits and James is a specialist in this topic.

I can guarantee this will be  a great episode for you if you listen through and apply the information that James covers.

Here’s some of what you’ll hear about in this session:

  • How he got started in Olympic weightlifting
  • What he thinks is so unique and beneficial about the Olympic lifts
  • The hidden benefits of skill development
  • Hear about his current training focus and what he’s working on
  • How he measures progress
  • Effective training strategies for travel
  • The most important 1st step in developing a new habit
  • How to use reverse psychology to get what you want
  • The key to “building a castle” (you have to hear this!)
  • Principles he’s applied in his life that have made a major difference
  • Why some habits are easier to develop than others
  • Why your environment is so crucial
  • The significance of your “identity” in our habits
  • And, much more…

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To connect with James Clear, check out JamesClear.com.

Here are some of the resources mentioned in this week’s show.

The Power of Habit, Daily Rituals, and The Power of Less.

And, as I mentioned, I have some new things and announcements coming, so stay tuned for what’s ahead.

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