19 Apr Jason Pak – Creating A Better Experience In The Fitness Industry

(#245) Fitness professional Jason Pak joins the show this week to discuss his no-nonsense approach to helping people achieve their fitness goals.

Jason and his wife Lauren opened Achieve Fitness Boston in 2012 after realizing that there were not enough gyms out there who truly cared about their members’ success.

Their mission is to create a better life experience for as many people as they can, and they are laser-focused on making a positive impact on the world.

Jason’s professional certifications include being an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, StrongFirst Team Leader (SFGII, SFL, SFB), Certified Functional Movement Screen Specialist (FMS), and USA Weightlifting Certified Sports Performance Coach.

Here’s some of what you’ll hear about in the episode:

  • What he says is the “missing link” in fitness centers today
  • How he works to create an “experience” for his clients
  • How they assess movement with new clients
  • The 2 key things they look for in movement assessment
  • What 80-90% are looking to achieve – and how they can help
  • How to get “buy-in”on the long-term training process
  • What they do at AFB to build community
  • How Jason discovered kettlebells
  • How kettlebells changed his approach as a trainer
  • He discusses a recent seminar and how that’s making a difference
  • His current approach to training
  • What is a “typical day in the life” for him
  • The downside of owning a gym
  • What he says is wrong with the fitness industry
  • The top 3 professionals who have influenced him the most
  • *What really matters most to be a great coach
  • The one thing he’d like to fix in the industry
  • 2 important books he recommends reading
  • And more…
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Scott Iardella, MPT, CSCS is a strength coach, athlete, and former “physio” who’s mission is to bridge the gaps in strength, performance and injury prevention. Scott is the author of the book, The Edge of Strength.
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