06 Dec Jim Kielbaso – A Rationale Approach To Understanding Youth Athletics And Fitness

(#230) Jim Kielbaso, a top strength and conditioning coach and president and CEO of the IYCA, joins the podcast this week for an incredible interview.

If you’re a parent or a coach – this is an episode you have to listen to.

Jim Kielbaso is a long time strength and conditioning coach and is the director of the Total Performance Training Center in Michigan where he trains athletes every day. 

Jim is also the president and CEO of the IYCA (The International Youth Conditioning Association) and he’s got a podcast called The Impact Show.

Jim has written many books and created courses in the area of sport training and conditioning.

This session is very transparent about the current state of youth athletics and fitness.

Here’s what you’ll hear about this week:

  • What is the IYCA and the mission behind
  • The biggest problems in youth athletics
  • We discuss a burning topic – early sport specialization
  • Getting to the truth about kids and sports in today’s world
  • Should kids under 14 participate in more than one sport?
  • What parents need to consider when approaching youth sports
  • When is it acceptable to specialize early?
  • Is youth fitness better or worse than it was 20 years ago?
  • Problems with technology in today’s world (and possible solutions)
  • Thoughts on “parenting skills”
  • Why the IYCA is not just for coaches, but also for parents
  • Where to go when you land on IYCA.org
  • What Jim thinks of podcasting so far…
  • Hear about Jim’s latest work
  • Great closing advice for parents
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