10 Jun John Rusin – Performance, Muscle Building, and “Pain-Free” Training

(#123) John Rusin is this week’s podcast guest.

Dr. John Rusin is a Physical Therapist and Strength Coach who’s unique training methodology is making a difference.

John combines a physical therapy perspective to his performance based background to achieve long term results with his clients.

You’ll get great insight and training information in this week’s session.

Here’s what you’ll learn about this week:

  • John’s story of combining strength coach experience and physical therapy
  • How John trains right now and what he focuses on
  • Why building muscle is important to him
  • Who John works with
  • How he screens his clients and patients
  • Hear about an upcoming conversation he’s having with Gray Cook
  • Can CrossFit implement the FMS?
  • The growth of CrossFit (and how this could impact the industry)
  • Insights on Weightlifing and the FMS
  • Why he says strength is paramount
  • Thoughts on machines – do they have a role in training?
  • His “pain-free” training approach – he explains
  • Learn about his SMR techniques
  • How the SMR techniques benefit people the most
  • How to learn how to do these techniques
  • The 4 most debiliating exercises
  • Can we “overcoach” techniques (as coaches)
  • What are the top movements for long term health?
  • The importance of posture
  • Push to pull ratios (and why this matters)
  • The value of the “glute bridge” exercise
  • The #1 thing he’d change in the fitness industry
  • Coaches he admires the most
  • The thing that pisses him off the most
  • His big advice after hearing this interview…

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