26 Oct Johnny Parker – How To Apply Soviet Periodization With The System

(#263) Coach Johnny Parker has been one of the most highly-regarded strength coaches in the NFL with an accomplished list of success.

He’s also the co-author of a NEW book titled “The System,” which outlines his approach to program design in which he produced some of the strongest, high-performing, and durable athletes in the NFL.

His list of accomplishments include: 10 years as a college strength and conditioning coach (the first strength and conditioning coach in the Big 10), 21 years as an NFL strength coach beginning by working with the NY Giants and legendary coach – Bill Parcells and winning 2 Super Bowls, 7 seasons with the New England Patriots, followed by helping the Tamp Bay Buccaneers win their first Super Bowl in 2003, before finally finishing with the San Francisco 49ers.

Aside from Super Bowl triumphs, he has received multiple awards for his coaching accomplishments, including the President’s Award for the NFL’s top strength and conditioning coach. These are some of his vast accolades.

His passion, knowledge, and authenticity are unparalleled. I’m truly honored to share this great interview with you.

Here’s what you’ll learn about in this week’s session:

  • The one thing that’s been the highlight of his accomplished career?
  • If there was something that made him successful, what was it?
  • Key coaching insights that make a huge difference
  • 4 stages of the coach-athlete relationship that lead to greatness
  • The critical importance of self-belief
  • Who he says were “pioneers” in the profession
  • What he learned from the great coaches and leaders?
  • What makes “the system” different from other approaches?
  • Why “the system” became the competitive advantage
  • A layman’s explanation of “the system” approach to training
  • The 2 crucial variables in training
  • Why “the system” approach works
  • The “bell-curve” explanation of the training cycle
  • The secret to adaptation
  • The 2 exercises that aid performance more than anything else
  • What’s the hardest part of “the system”
  • How to determine changes to the program
  • A detailed explanation of how the program works (what it looks like)
  • How the program adds the principle of “variety”
  • How anyone can learn the principles of “the system”
  • Is “the system” for coaches only?
  • How he kept his athletes virtually injury-free
  • Where most injuries come from (according to Rob Panariello)
  • What the athletes should “feel like” after completing the training
  • The importance of technique!
  • A key coaching cue for the squat
  • How important is strength and what type of strength is most important?
  • Why the emphasis on ballistic movements
  • Have the Olympic lifts fallen out of favor with coaches?
  • What is essential to understand about “the system” approach
  • What is the fundamental concept on which “the system” is based
  • Actionable closing advice after listening to the interview…
  • A generous way Coach Parker can continue to help coaches…
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Legendary Strength Coach, Coach Johnny Parker

Some of my notes outlining a training example from The System.

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