01 Apr Josh Henkin – The Ultimate Sandbag Training Experience

(#113) Josh Henkin, Creator of Dynamic Variable Resistance Training (DVRT) and the Ultimate Sandbag joins me for a great interview this week on the podcast.

This is a fast paced interview that’s “loaded” with great content about a unique strength and conditioning method – DVRT, also known as “sandbag training” (but you’ll learn why we should’t necessarily call it that).

If you have’t experienced DVRT, this will be a valuable learning session to get started with the training system.

As Josh mentions in the interview, always know “why” you do what you do.

Here’s what you hear about this week on the show:

  • How Josh got started in the fitness industry and what the “hook” was with Sandbag Training
  • Josh discusses how he was able to bounce back from his major injuries
  • How Josh currently trains, what’s he’s training for, and how much he focuses on DVRT
  • The big question you need to ask yourself about training implements
  • Why he nearly abandoned sandbags early in his training
  • Why “sandbag training” doesn’t accurately describe the training method and why DRVT is a better term
  • The unique benefits of DVRT
  • Josh gives an example of a “squat progression” with a sandbag
  • What are considered the foundational movements with DVRT?
  • Why DVRT is a “system” of training
  • What training tools may be the best complements to the sandbag
  • Josh discusses why DVRT is very different from kettlebell training
  • Learn about his book – DVRT The Ultimate Sandbag Training System
  • Are sandbags “technical?”
  • How this type of training can be advanced
  • Why it’s NOT a good idea to go with “homemade” sandbags (key limitations)
  • What are the specific steps to get started with DRVT? (great actionable advice)
  • The single biggest benefit of DVRT is…
  • A great “Power 3” Question segment (great recommendations here)

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