08 Jun Josh Trent – A Driving Force For Wellness

(#177) Josh Trent joins the podcast this week. This is a unique interview, packed with value and useful information.

Josh is a wellness consultant, corrective exercise specialist, digital health coach, podcast host and founder of Wellness Force. His motivation to create Wellness Force and coach over 10,000 training sessions is rooted deep in the fabric of where he came from; an early childhood and adolescent life plagued with weight and health struggles.

In his podcast – Wellness Force Radio – Josh interviews some of the most inspiring and passionate experts in the areas of behavior change, health, wellness technology and fitness.

In this session, Josh takes us through his fitness journey and shares how he was able to break his unhealthy habits and is now on a mission to empower greater wellness in over one million lives through technology. During our talk, we also chat about about a number of topics including the emotional side of training, fitness tracking apps, improving sleep, the link between stress and food, habits, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and the list goes on.

This is a very unique interview and I can promise that you’re going to get a lot of value from this one.

Here’s what you’ll hear about in this week’s amazing episode:

  • Josh shares his fitness journey and how he broke free from an unhealthy lifestyle
  • Why emotional work is a MUST if you want to change the way you look and feel
  • What is digital health and how can it help you show up more powerfully in your own life?
  • The BEST apps and tools that you can use to track your wellness journey
  • Discover the 4 most important pillars to better health
  • How to quantify your sleep so you can optimize your life
  • How a lack of sleep can have a major impact on your hormones
  • Top tips and strategies to improving your sleep
  • Find out why strength is fundamentally irreplaceable
  • The simplified approach to eating better
  • The psychology behind good eating and understanding the link between stress and food
  • The low and slow approach to training & nutrition
  • Using movement breaks to ramp up your energy levels
  • The 3 most powerful habits you can implement today
  • Learning the art of emotional intelligence
  • Josh explains what wellness means to him
  • Why mindfulness is the most important piece to optimizing health
  • What is Wellness Force Radio all about?
  • The importance of being fully self-aware

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