20 Apr Dr. Kelly Starrett – How To Free Yourself From Being Deskbound

(#170) Dr. Kelly Starrett returns this week as a 4-time guest on the podcast to talk about a critical topic for enhancing your health and living a better life.

Kelly Starrett is a movement teacher, strength coach, visionary physical therapist, international speaker, and co-founder of MobilityWOD.com, which has transformed how athletes think about human movement and athletic performance.

His first book, Becoming A Supple Leopard, is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller and was one of the 100 Most Notable Books in 2013 on Amazon.

His most recent book (co-written with his amazing wife Juliet and Glen Cordoza) – Deskbound: Standing Up to a Sitting World – unveils a detailed battle plan for surviving our chair-centric society. This book provides creative solutions for reducing the amount of time you spend on your backside, as well as providing strategies for transforming your desk into a dynamic, active workstation that can improve your life.

Deskbound is set to become a “game-changing” new approach to biomechanics and human movement.

During our discussion, Kelly and I chat about the new book and the dangers of slipping into a sedentary lifestyle. More importantly, though, this interview will open up your eyes and remind you that as humans, we are all designed to move.

Kelly outlines the benefits to optimizing your physical environment and teaches you simple approaches to standing more often, self-mobilization, resting load, and so much more!  

Here’s what you’ll hear about in this week’s amazing episode:

  • Find out why humans are designed to move
  • The correlation between kids with ADHD and movement
  • How Deskbound is much different from related books
  • The dangers of slipping into a sedentary lifestyle
  • Discover the positive effects of creating a dynamic movement environment
  • How squatting “ass to grass” can eliminate hip and lumbar disease
  • A gradual approach to standing more often
  • How to optimize your position and improve function
  • Looking at the human being as a self-organizing system
  • The concept of “practice makes permanent”
  • How to avoid living in dysfunction and adapting poor positions
  • Understanding the resting load for different positions
  • What in the heck does sitting have to do with the boom in the adult diaper business?
  • Discover a simple approach to standing more often
  • If you can’t breathe in a position – you don’t own that position.
  • The amazing benefits of sitting on the ground versus in a chair or couch
  • For every 30 minutes that you sit, move for 2!
  • The benefits of the “Fidget Bar”
  • Understand posture vs. position
  • Taking the load out of your spine with the “Captain Morgan Pose”
  • Creating an environment where you can constantly move and adjust your position
  • Deadlifting from the “Zombie Position”
  • Putting the skill back into movement
  • The benefits of performing 10-15 min of self-mobilization
  • Learn how to avoid over mobilization
  • The sliding surface concept
  • His favorite mobility tool – and “Partner Smashing”
  • Why exercise doesn’t negate living a sedentary lifestyle
  • Why you can’t “out-train” bad physiology
  • The big question – are you walking enough? 
  • Kelly explains how the Deskbound project came to life
  • Find out how standing helped one company make an extra $40 million in sales
  • Learn how YOU can become a part of the standing revolution
  • Find out how you can win Kelly’s new book – Deskbound: Standing Up to a Sitting World

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