24 Jun Dr. Kelly Starrett – New Insights On Optimizing Performance

(#126) Kelly Starrett is back on the podcast for the BEST chat session we’ve had to date.

Kelly is a world class performance coach, renowned physical therapist, movement teacher, and NY Times Best Selling Author.

He is the creator of the wildly successful MobilityWOD.com.

This is Kelly’s 3rd visit on the show, but the most revealing and insightful episode, by far.

You’re guaranteed to learn a ton on this one.

Here’s what you’ll hear about this week:

  • What Kelly is currently doing in movement and mobility
  • Problems he’s working to solve
  • His recent performance “breakthrough”
  • The amazing science of genetics and performance
  • The importance of evidence based medicine (and beyond)
  • How to train if you have a “genetic bias”
  • Insights on “autoregulation”
  • Secrets to bias your training
  • Keys to determine health and optimal performance
  • Uncovering the sitting epidemic – and what to do about it
  • Current recommendations if you’re “deskbound”
  • The real problems associated with prolonged sitting
  • The simple “gateway” to more movement
  • Why standing fixes so many problems
  • How to create a “movement rich environment”
  • The simple way to potentially burn up to 30% more calories per day
  • Learn all about StandUpKids.org and how you can help
  • What Kelly thinks about kettlebells as a training tool
  • How he uses kettlebells in his training
  • Quick thoughts on Russian style vs American style kettlebell swings
  • Learn about the 2nd Edition of Supple Leopard – what’s new and unique
  • Hear about the different “archetypes” of movement
  • The one thing he would change in the fitness industry
  • And much more…

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