25 Mar Kettlebells Aren’t Optional

When I started training with kettlebells back in 2009 at a workshop with Andre DuCane, I literally had no idea how valuable and important this training tool would be.

You see, for me kettlebells aren’t optional training tools, they’re essential.

No matter what I do, what other tools I use, or what my training goals are – kettlebells will always have a role in my approach.

Here’s why.

There’s no other training tool that offers so much in such a small package.

A kettlebell can be a complete training system for the body.

Of course, as you get stronger and your skills improve you’re going to need more kettlebell to applied the principle of progressive overload.

Learning how to use kettlebells properly gives you great power.

You have the power to take control of your goals.

You have the power to train wherever and whenever you want – all with a simple set-up (a kettlebell or a few kettlebells).

You have the power to improve your movement skills for the rest of your life.

Fat loss, getting stronger, lean muscle building, improved athleticism, and feeling amazing about yourself – these are just some of the top line benefits of training with kettlebells.

I can tell you that I’ve talked about the benefits of kettlebell training with some people until I’m “blue in the face,” but the message just doesn’t resonate with some folks.

That’s okay because it just means those people aren’t ready for kettlebells.

Not everyone cares to understand what this tool can offer them.

Sometimes people just have to discover things on their own.

The truth of the matter is that learning to train with kettlebells can help anybody become better and help anyone move the needle closer towards their health and fitness goals.

I don’t see this as subjective opinion but as objective fact.

Looking at the incredible amount of research we have on the benefits of exercise, how can you argue that getting stronger, moving better and improving cardiovascular health would be anything but beneficial for the human body.

We already know how important exercise is, but with kettlebells, it offers some distinct advantages over other training methods.

  • Portability (one kettlebell can offer a complete training session for anyone, anywhere)
  • Accessibility (kettlebells offer a cost-effective and accessible path to improved health and fitness for anyone who wants to use them)
  • Simplicity (kettlebell training is a simple way to train – once you know what to do and what’s important)
  • Effective (kettlebells are highly effective training tools)

I’ve written much more about these 4 benefits when I discussed why I train with kettlebells.

But, these reasons aren’t why kettlebells are essential for me.

Kettlebells are essential in my training for a few simple reasons.


I’ve training over a decade now with the “cannon ball with a handle.” And, guess what? I still always find ways to improve my skills. I always work on my kettlebell swing technique and find better ways to create tension, improve power, and move with more precise skill. I can always improve my training and continue down the path of mastery.


Becoming a more skilled mover will always help make me become a better person. Some of my top values are health, fitness, growth, mastery, strength, and a standard of excellence. Developing kettlebell skills helps me improve in all of these areas that I value. This never stops. As I get older, training with kettlebells will always make me better and be a major contributor to my goals, short term and long term.


I love barbell training (the basic barbell lifts and Olympic weightlifting). Dumbbells are great tools for muscle building but you can’t “swing” a dumbbell. Sorry, but kettlebells aren’t “fancy dumbbells” as some have claimed. Medicine balls are great for athletes and explosive work. Sandbag training is awesome, challenging, and builds movement skills, as well. Bodyweight training is fundamental. But, there is nothing like training with kettlebells. The shape and design of the tool makes it different from other training methods – and also one of the best options we have. I will always train with kettlebells because they will always be a central component to the things I’m working to achieve.

Any athlete or recreational exerciser will always benefit from the proper training techniques and applications of kettlebells.

That is why kettlebells aren’t just optional, they are essential.


If you haven’t discovered kettlebells yet or you have been “dabbling” with kettlebell training, here’s the big advice and actionable takeaway.

Find a local, certified kettlebell instructor and get with them for a minimum of 3 to 6 private (or small group) instructional sessions.

This action will totally transform not only your results, but your understanding of kettlebell training.

Since I’m a StrongFirst certified kettlebell instructor and I believe that the techniques and principles taught by Pavel are the essential starting point, here’s where I recommend you go.

Go to StrongFirst.com and search for a kettlebell instructor in your area.

I wish you the very best success in your training journey.

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