16 Sep Key Tips For Muscle Building, Mobility, and Programming

(#138) What’s the best program for muscle building?

What can you do to improve mobility, especially if you’re an “older” athlete?

Is stretching effective before or after training?

These are some of the questions I’ll cover this week on the show.

And, I’ll share the unbelievable story I’ve never told before on the show about how I used to train as a bodybuilder.

Here’s more of what you’ll hear about:

  • What “mobility” approach I used prior to getting started with Weightlifting
  • Mobility programs I recommend
  • How to care for your hands during high volume training
  • The big secret to keeping your hands in good condition
  • Bodyweight training – is it as “effective” as kettlebells and barbells?
  • Is there are proven technique for hypertrophy?
  • The specific high volume approach I used to train as a bodybuilder
  • The best program for hypertrophy? The truth

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