15 Jul Matthew Ibrahim – A Mobility Based Approach To Performance

(#129) Matthew Ibrahim is this week’s podcast guest and he’ll share his simple movement and mobility approach to performance training.

Matthew is a dynamic strength coach, movement teacher, writer, group leader and creator of Mobility-101.com which is an educational platform to help bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance.

Here’s what you’ll hear about in this week’s show:

  • How Matt’s journey as a strength coach has evolved
  • The key learning he took away from his experience wtih Mike Boyle
  • Defining mobility (and why it’s so important)
  • What’s at the core of his training approach?
  • Is there a paradigm shift in performance?
  • Tools to assess movement and mobility
  • His #1 tool for assessing movement
  • How he approahces and “un-coaches” movement
  • His favorite tool?
  • Can we overdue mobility? When to turn it up or dial it back
  • Insights on stretching – key considerations
  • Understanding mobility in the thoracic spine
  • The #1 thing he likes to address in the hip
  • The 2 things he says most often to his clients
  • His 2 big influences in the field
  • How he approaches training
  • His primary training goal right now (and future)
  • How he defines “training success”
  • The key to getting better as a coach
  • How coaches can make more impact in the industry
  • His biggest failure (and how it made him better)

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