13 Aug ‘Mind Control Fitness’ to Get the Body You Want and the Health You Deserve

The BrainI have a question for you.  What do you think is the most important thing you need to get the body you want and the peak health you deserve?

Is it exercise?  How about nutrition?  Motivation?  Discipline? Practical knowledge?  Of course, these are all important.

But, the real missing link, according to Daniel G. Amen, author of “Change Your Brain, Change Your Body” is to have a better brain.  I couldn’t agree more.

“Your brain is the command and control center of your body.  If you want a better body, the first place to always start is by having a better brain.”

-Daniel G. Amen

So, what exactly does that mean?  Basically it means that by improving your brain function, your body will improve, usually as a result.  There is more and more scientific data coming out to support the fact that improved brain function leads to improvement in overall health and improvement in one’s physical body.

I like to call the big picture approach to peak health and fitness ‘mind control fitness.’

Now, here’s what I mean by that.  Your brain controls everything you do, feel, and think.  It controls every action you take.

More specifically, your brain decides whether you exercise today or choose to lounge on the couch for a few hours watching reality shows. Your brain decides whether to eat a hamburger and fries for dinner or have fish and fresh vegetables.  Your brain determines whether your health is a top priority in your life or you simply don’t have the time to exercise with your “busy” schedule.

‘Mind control fitness’ is taking control and making the right decisions.  You know what the right decisions are from the choices above.  ‘Mind control fitness’ is recognizing that you have the power and control to make the best decisions for your health.

When you learn how to use your brain properly, you’ll have great success with your health and lifelong fitness.

How do you learn to use your brain properly?  By training your thoughts, just like you train your muscles.  Whether you’re just getting started or are at an elite level of fitness. Mindset is everything.

By learning new thinking patterns, you can literally improve every aspect of your body, health, weight, strength, and fitness goals.

A simple way to significantly boost your brain power is to exercise.  While a better brain will help you exercise, exercise will help you have a better brain.  This is now proven in many great books, such as the one I mention by Daniel Amen.

Exercise may be the ultimate brain boosting solution.  Exercise has been shown to improve memory, the ability to think clearly (i.e, make better decisions, as the examples mentioned above), and improve your ability to plan. Exercise alone may be the single most important thing you can do to improve your brain function and keep you looking and feeling young.

While there are many ways to improve your brain, exercise is the pinnacle of ‘mind control fitness.’  If you don’t exercise regularly now, I know that you know you must. Remember, there’s a big difference between must and should.  If you “should” exercise, it won’t happen.  It will only happen when you “must.”

And when you get started with a regular exercise program and make it past the 1st month (the time it takes to form a new habit), you are likely on your way to improving other key brain boosters, such as having better nutrition, getting better sleep, learning new skills, and improving your breathing.

Do you want to be at your ideal body weight?

Do you want to look great and live with high energy?

Do you want to live everyday in peak health?

Then it all starts with your brain.  You decide.  Take control of your health and your body NOW.

Brain heath is body health and body health is brain health.  Got it?

Many more tips on improving your brain to improve your health will be coming in the ‘Mind Control Fitness’ series.

“Mindset is Everything”

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