Rdella Training Podcast 57

12 Mar What Is Nutrient Timing for Peak Performance?

(#57) What exactly is nutrient timing and is it important for peak performance?

That’s the question I’ll discuss in this week’s episode.

Keep in mind, this episode only serves as an introduction to this massive topic.

Nutrient Timing (NT) is an often debated and important topic in health, fitness, and peak performance, but does it really matter?

I’ll give you a “top line” overview and tell you what many thought leaders have come to agreement on.

Nutrient Timing is a really fascinating and ever-evolving area in performance nutrition, without question.

Here’s what you’ll hear about in this week’s session:

  • What exactly is nutrient timing (NT)
  • Proposed benefits of NT
  • What are the key phases of NT
  • The best ways to use these phases to increase performance
  • Do we really have a “metabolic window?”
  • Does timing really matter?
  • How I use this and what’s worked for me
  • Who may benefit the most from NT and who may not…
  • What does the science tell us right now?
  • 4 STEPS you can use right now to determine what’s best for you

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