30 Nov Pat Flynn – How To Be Better At Almost Everything

(#267) Pat Flynn returns to the podcast this week for a stellar interview covering a variety of topics, including how to be better at almost everything. Pat shares his unique approaches to minimalism and generalism and why these are such good things. Pat Flynn is a 'fitness minimalist' and co-author of the book Paleo Workouts For Dummies. He has written extensively about how to get more with less and you'll find his work at his primary website, Chronicles of Strength. Pat always brings massive value and insight about training and so much more. This session was a lot of fun and it's also loaded with great information, including all the details about his upcoming book project.
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22 Nov How Gratitude Makes You Stronger

(#266) Gratitude is a powerful thing. How often do we really take time to reflect on all the great things in our lives that we are grateful for? Probably not enough. In this week's short session, I'll explain how using the practice of gratitude amplifies your life and helps you "win the day." Learn the simple way to use gratitude in daily practice to help dominate life. A few things you'll learn this week:
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15 Nov Dustin Rippetoe – Real Strength When Dealing With Life Adversity

(#265) Strength coach Dustin Rippetoe joins the podcast this week to discuss the biggest life challenge he's had to deal with and how he finds strength to move forward. Dustin has a long history as a kettlebell instructor. He has been devotedly training with kettlebells since 2004 and has been a certified kettlebell instructor under Pavel Tsatsouline since April of 2006. First with Pavel’s RKC and now proudly with StrongFirst. He has had the honor of serving as Team Leader in both organizations and actively promotes StrongFirst training methodologies and now as his health permits out of ACWA Tulsa. I met Dustin back in 2012 at an event that you'll hear about in the opening part of our interview.
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03 Nov Dr. Robert Pastore – What You Need To Know About Plant-Based Protein Vs. Whey-Based Protein

(#264) Dr. Robert Pastore, PhD, CNS, is the founder, Chief Science Officer and CEO of Vitalere and its sub-brand, Modus Nutrition. In this session, Dr. Pastore shared some of his vast experience and knowledge about optimizing human health. We spent the majority of our time on an in-depth and comprehensive discussion about protein, specifically looking at plant-based versus whey-based protein. His background, experience, and knowledge is amazing and you are guaranteed to take away valuable insights and actions from this session. Here's what you'll learn about this week on the show:
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26 Oct Johnny Parker – How To Apply Soviet Periodization With The System

(#263) Coach Johnny Parker has been one of the most highly-regarded strength coaches in the NFL with an accomplished list of success. He's also the co-author of a NEW book titled "The System," which outlines his approach to program design in which he produced some of the strongest, high-performing, and durable athletes in the NFL. His list of accomplishments include: 10 years as a college strength and conditioning coach (the first strength and conditioning coach in the Big 10), 21 years as an NFL strength coach beginning by working with the NY Giants and legendary coach - Bill Parcells and winning 2 Super Bowls, 7 seasons with the New England Patriots, followed by helping the Tamp Bay Buccaneers win their first Super Bowl in 2003, before finally finishing with the San Francisco 49ers. Aside from Super Bowl triumphs, he has received multiple awards for his coaching accomplishments, including the President's Award for the NFL's top strength and conditioning coach. These are some of his vast accolades. His passion, knowledge, and authenticity are unparalleled. I'm truly honored to share this great interview with you.
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22 Oct Atomic Habits – Small Habits Make A Big Difference

(#262) Atomic Habits is a new, breakthrough book by James Clear and it's about how small changes make the biggest difference. Habit development is something that can have a major impact on all of our lives in nearly every way possible - health, business, family, and so much more. It's been a while since I've done a book review on the podcast and I really wanted to take the time to talk a little about how this book can improve the quality of your life. Atomic habits is based on the latest science with proven, practical applications to get better every day.
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13 Oct How To Stay Injury-Free

(#261) The first rule of great training is to "do no harm." Train safe has been my unbreakable first rule for strength training and I've personally learned the importance of this the hard way. In this session, I'll discuss 7 ways we can work to minimize risk for injury with strength training. While the risk for injury is inherently small with an intelligent approach to strength training, there are certainly things we can do to maximize performance results while minimizing our risk for injuries. I'll share 7 specific ideas about the things we can do to stay injury-free for the long haul. Staying injury-free is truly the key to successful training.
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06 Oct Danny Sawaya – The Epic Journey To Open A 12,000 Square Foot Strength Gym

(#260) Danny Sawaya joins the show this week to discuss his spectacular journey as a gym owner. Danny is the Founder and owner of Tucson Strength and Tucson Barbell Club in Tucson, Arizona. He is a Strong First Team Leader, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and FMS level 2 certified specialist. His athletic background spans from being a competitive powerlifter to competing in marathons and even an Ironman event.

Danny’s insane story of quitting his job to start to gym - with a family, no money, and no clients. Now Danny is getting ready to open up a 12,500 square foot training facility.

Danny shares his epic journey from quitting his trainer job to where he is today in a fantastic interview session where he holds nothing back.

Here's what you'll hear about this week:
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29 Sep Jeff Pelizzaro – How To Get Fit And Strong For Better Golf Performance

(#259) Jeff Pelizzaro is this week's featured guest.

Jeff is a licensed physical therapist, golf fitness professional, and authored the #1 Amazon Best-Selling book The Golfer’s Guide to a Bogey Proof Workout. 

He’s the co-founder of 18STRONG, a golf fitness website and podcast where the mission is simple:  Help golfers Train Harder, Practice Smarter, and Play Better Golf.

Combining instructional videos and podcast interviews with some of the best golfers and coaches in the world, 18STRONG is quickly becoming one of the top online resources for golfers looking to Think, Play, and Feel stronger on and off the course.

This week on the show, Jeff and I had a great chat about his highly successful approach to movement and strength with the golfers he works with. He shares his specific methods that allow for peak performance in the game of golf.

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21 Sep Tim Anderson – Next Level Performance

(#258) Tim Anderson, multi-book author and co-creator of Original Strength, returns to the podcast this week. In this week's session, we discuss practical ways we can all move better, feel better, get stronger, and live a better life. The methods he teaches are simple, scalable, and valuable for all. So, this week Tim came back to the show to tell us about the latest advancements with the Original Strength system, as well as provide tactical tips and take-aways. Here's what you learn this week:
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