11 Jun Powering The Kettlebell Swing (VIDEO)

Hey guys, it’s Scott.

In this short video, I have 3 great tips for you around the kettlebrell swing.

What your going to learn here is how to get the most from the kettlebell swing with these 3 simple tips.

Now, there are a lot more things to the kettlebell swing, but I want to be quick and to the point here with this video.

Now, remember the kettlebell swing can deliver almost any result that you want.

The kettlebell swing is one of the effective exercises there is, period.

Not only is it one of the best kettlebell exercises, it’s one of the best exercises there is.

It’s really important to get this exercise the right way.

The first tip is doing a hip hinge.

Make sure that you are hinging properly.

And, the way that you do that is to practice by putting your hands in your groin and then drive your hips back and forward.

Remember, it’s all in the hips and the kettlebell swing is not a squat pattern, but a hinge pattern.

Keep the spine straight and hinge through your hips as you come through.

As your doing that, practice squeezing your glutes every single time you come to an upright position.

The next thing is breathing.

You want to make sure that you’re breathing properly when you do the kettlebell swing.

A common mistake that beginner’s make is that they don’t breathe when they learn how to do the kettlebell swing.

Now, the way you want to do it, I’m just going to demonstrate that, is with power breathing.

A very forceful exhalation or explosion as you bring that kettlebell forward.

So, let’s take a look.

Ok, so what I was doing there is I was inhaling on the way back and forcefully exhaling as I was coming through.

That forceful exhalation, power breathing, and even the sound, will give you a lot of power. A lot of power as you bring that kettlebell forward.

It also makes things safe as it stabilizes things through your spine.

The breathing technique is basically coming from martial arts, and that would be when they punch, the breathing gives the power with the punch.

And, that’s exactly what we’re doing here.

Remember, the kettlebell swing is fast and explosive, fast and explosive.

it’s not a slow swing, but a fast, explosive swing where you are driving those hips forward.

This leads to the 3rd point which is the hip explosion.

As you are power breathing and finishing your swing, you want to make sure that you are exploding with your hips.

You’re not just casually swinging the kettlebell, but you are exploding through with the hips.

This is a ballistic exercise.

Let’s take a look at it in real time.

That’s the hip explosion you want, so remember at the top of the swing those glutes should be rock hard tight, rock hard tight, that’s how you finish the swing.

Don’t forget that as you power the hips, finish by squeezing the glutes.

So practice your hip hinge, practice your breathing technique, and also practice your powerful hip explosion as you finish the kettlebell swing.

There’s a lot more to it, but these are 3 tips for now.

Thanks for watching, this is Scott, and make sure you subscribe to the new YouTube channel as I’ve got a lot more coming your way.

I’ll see you next time for more kettlebell exercises.

  • shneur
    Posted at 11:41h, 13 June Reply

    Hey Scott,

    Great video! One thing I would add is the reason for the tight glutes. The reason being that tightening your glutes supports your lower back.
    I have seen many places were instructors make videos and mention to tighten the glutes but only one video on YouTube (I can’t remember which one) explained that if you are feeling it on your lower back the reason is because you are not tightening your glutes enough.
    feeling it on my lower back almost got me to stop using kettlebells in the beginning, until I find that video.
    I know you mentioned in the beginning that this is just the basics of the swing, but I feel instructors need to give reasons why each movement in the swing is needed as opposed to just instructing it, like you did with the power breathing.
    Overall a great video, that’s just my two cents

    • Scott
      Posted at 19:45h, 13 June Reply

      Thanks for the feedback!
      You make a good point and this will definitely be addressed in future videos.
      I’ll be putting out videos on a more consistent basis, so there’s LOTS to cover.
      Will make sure to give the reasons behind the techniques, as you mention.
      Good stuff and thanks for your comments! Appreciate.

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