22 Jul Quinn Henoch – Bridging Gaps In Rehab And Performance

Quinn Henoch, physical therapist and strength coach, is this week’s featured guest on the podcast in a mind-blowing, content rich interview session.

Quinn has a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Indianapolis and is the head of rehabilitation for Juggernaut Training and Darkside Strength.

This is an amazing interview loaded with great insight for athletes, coaches, therapists, and fitness enthusiasts wanting to know more about the role of rehab and strength performance training.

Here’s some of what you’ll hear about this week:

  • The story of why Quinn went from strength coach to physical therapist
  • What “gaps” he was looking to address as a strength coach
  • Learn about his “hybrid programming” approach
  • The truth about his experiences in Physical Therapy school
  • How his clinical rotation experiences shaped his career
  • His one regret while in PT school
  • Key courses he’s taken since being in practice
  • How he incorporates the FMS into his approach
  • What he feels is the KEY to assessment (and what he does)
  • How he uses the Overhead Squat to analyze movement
  • An in-depth discussion in assessing the overhead squat
  • What he thinks about the “knees out” cue
  • What he likes about the kettlebell goblet squat
  • The importance of the relationship between strength coach and PT
  • Awesome advice for PT’s to accelerate learning
  • Hear about his athletic background and why he pursued Olympic lifting
  • Why he went from CrossFit to Powerlifting to Olympic Weightlifting
  • Why he says OL is unlike anything else he’s experienced
  • When he says you’re ready to compete in weightlifting
  • The biggest mistake he sees in getting started with OL
  • The story of how he came together with Juggernaut Training Systems
  • What is Darkside Strength?
  • Books that impacted his approach to strength and performance
  • The person who influenced him the most
  • Coaches and experts who have had the greatest impact on him as a coach and therapist
  • If he could sit down with anyone – who would it be?
  • How important is strength really?
  • What makes a coach exceptional?
  • His big advice after listening to the interview
  • And much more…

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