06 Jan Rob Dionne – The Fat Loss Debate (13 Proven Strategies)

(#155) Rob Dionne is this week’s featured podcast guest.

Rob is a former actor-turned personal trainer, fitness professional, and podcaster.

He’s fitness enthusiast who practices what he preaches and we had an amazing discussion recently about fat loss strategies in a very unique “debate-like” format.

You will learn a lot about proven strategies to shed body fat and forge a leaner, athletic body.

Rob is a certified personal trainer, performance enhancement specialist, and corrective exercise specialist.

Here’s what you’ll learn about this week:

  • Rob’s interesting story of how he “backed into” fitness as a trainer
  • How he helped his 1st client over 100 pounds
  • At what age we really start paying attention to nutrition
  • The truth about his fitness goals…
  • Our own unique experiences in discovering “fat loss”
  • The “fat loss strategies” debate – this is gold (*take notes here)
  • Our “secrets” to shedding fat and building the athletic physique
  • Nutrient Density vs. Nutrient Insufficiency
  • We each reveal our #1 Secret to Fat Loss
  • And, much more…

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