07 Aug Charlie Weingroff: “A Different Version of Strong”

(#33) Learn a new version of strength training as revealed in a candid and extremely insightful interview with Physical Therapist, strength coach, and kettlebell certified instructor, Charlie Weingroff.

Charlie is a guy with incredible experience, passion, and knowledge about strength training, injury prevention, and maximizing human performance.

He’s the ultimate “no BS” strength coach with an uncomplicated, raw view on getting strong and getting results.

I was honored to speak to him recently and learn about his dynamic approach, which you’ll hear all about in this interview.

I highly encourage you to take notes and listen while fully engaged without distractions so that you can learn and take in the lessons he discusses in this interview.

Listen, learn, and apply the information that is presented in this (and each) podcast episode.

Here’s some of what you’ll hear about in this session:

  • Charlie’s simple approach to training, whether high level athlete or recreational exerciser
  • The most important factor in program design
  • How he integrates the FMS (Functional Movement Screen) for optimal performance
  • Problems and fixes with the kettlebell swing
  • Why the kettlebell is a different version of strong
  • Charlie’s picks for the top training tools
  • Why the kettlebell allows for faster recovery
  • Limitations of kettlebell training
  • Learn about Charlie’s breakthrough product, Training Equals Rehab
  • And, hear the BIG ACTION he recommends after listening to this interview (it’s a great one!)

There is a lot to learn here, so please listen closely and use what applies to you.

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To learn more about Charlie Weingroff and his products, go to CharlieWeingroff.com.

You can check out some great YouTube videos that Charlie has on his website to learn more about his Training Equals Rehab DVD set.

Again, I hope you learned some great things that can help you train and get the results you want.

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