15 Aug Bret Contreras: Glute Science and Training with “The Glute Guy”

(#34) Get the latest information and research on glute training (which is central to training success and getting the results we want) in this audio interview with “The Glute Guy,” Bret Contreras.

Bret is the co-author of a new best selling book “Strong Curves” which was written for woman, but you’ll learn why we all need this information to enhance our training and performance.

Bret is a strength and conditioning specialist and researcher who is working on his PhD in Sports Science and he’s got some excellent information to share that can improve your training.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this interview:

  • Find out which training tools he uses and prefers and what his #1 recommendation is
  • The best way to perform the plank for maximum muscular activation
  • Hear why the book “Strong Curves” can benefit each and every athlete and lifter, not just women
  • Discover what research reveals about what is the #1 exercise for strong, powerful glutes (that you probably aren’t doing)
  • How the #1 exercise may improve other lifts
  • The best exercise to improve sprint speed
  • Best overall exercises to activate the glutes
  • Current concepts in the science of kettlebell training
  • And, much more, of course…

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Make sure to listen all the way through and take action with this information.

To connect with Bret and learn more, find him at BretContreras.com.

Strong CurvesAnd, make sure to check out Bret’s book and program “Strong Curves” for more information on the significance of glute training for all of us.

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