31 Aug Dr. Stuart McGill: Kettlebells And Spine Biomechanics For Improved Performance

(#35) Learn about the most cutting edge research in spinal stabilization and strength training with the world’s leading spine biomechanics expert, Dr. Stuart McGill.

I was extremely honored to speak with Dr. McGill and learn from his incredible knowledge and experience in the area of spine biomechanics to maximize performance and prevent injuries.

I  can guarantee one thing.  You will learn a lot in this interview.

Dr. McGill is the author of Low Back Disorders and Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance, both of which are breakthrough books in the area of spinal stabilization and “core” training.

In this episode, Dr. McGill reveals his philosophy and treatment approaches with his unique patients and high level athletes.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn about in this highly informative podcast session:

  • Hear the story about how Dr. McGill became interested in kettlebells and how this tool fits into his approach
  • Find out who Dr. McGill says has the strongest “core” he’s ever seen
  • What is most important about the kettlebell swing
  • Assets and liabilities of the kettlebell swing
  • The importance of “muscular stiffness” in core training
  • Why proximal stiffness matters before anything else
  • Why the hip hinge is optimal for the kettlebell swing
  • The difference between “movement” and “moment” and why this is important
  • Which is more important, muscular strength or endurance?
  • What is the Russian Descending Pyramid?
  • What you must remember to avoid disc herniation
  • The “Big 3” exercises for core stability
  • The significance of the Bird Dog exercise
  • His 5 stages of progression in spine rehab
  • The missing link in spinal strengthening
  • The importance of the kettlebell carry
  • And a lot more!

This is a really amazing episode with very important information to help us all prevent back injuries and maximize our performance.

I highly recommend that you listen all the way through, take notes, and apply the information in your own training.

To find out more about Dr. Stuart McGill, go to BackFitPro.com to learn more about his educational resources and seminars.

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  • Darryl
    Posted at 12:02h, 03 September Reply

    Yeah, that was pretty darn good to be honest. I’ve listened to a lot of Stuart Mcgills podcasts over the years and I can’t remember a better one than that.

    Thank you Scott, you’re fast becoming a staple part of my podcast diet, dare I say, a favourite even.

    • Scott
      Posted at 22:32h, 03 September Reply

      Thanks Darryl,
      I definitely appreciate the comment and feedback.
      I really enjoyed that interview with Dr. McGill, he’s a great guy and a personality, for sure.
      Cheers! Scott

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