16 Oct Greg Everett Discusses ‘American Weightlifting’

(#38) Greg Everett is the author of the great books, Olympic Weightlifting: A Guide For Coaches and Olympic Weightlifting For Sports.

He’s also the creator of the new movie “American Weightlifting” which chronicles the sport of Olympic weightlifting.

You’ll hear all about this incredible new movie and the story behind it in this amazing interview with the Greg.

Greg is a premier weightlifting coach, weightlifter, weightlifting author, and owns Catalyst Athletics in Northern California.

This is an inspiring and informative podcast interview with one of the top strength coaches in weightlifting.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this interview:

  • How Greg got started in weightlifting and why he’s so passionate about it
  • Hear the story of how Catalyst Athletics came to be
  • Learn about Greg’s approach to strength training and what “other” training implements he prefers
  • What Greg considers to be the “foundation” of training
  • Why you need to see the new movie “American Weightlifting” (and understand the inspiration behind the film)
  • How this movie can impact the current landscape in strength and performance training
  • Is CrossFit helping or hurting Olympic weightlifting?
  • Find out the best way to get started in weightlifting or how to take your training to the next level
  • Learn about the Catalyst Athletic Certification (Is it right for you?)
  • And, much more great information to help all of us improve our strength and performance

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American WeightlftingTo learn more about Greg Everett and his products and services, visit CatalystAthletics.com.

And, to learn more about the new movie “American Weightlifting,” visit AmericanWeightliftingFilm.com.

If you don’t have Greg’s great books, I highly recommend them to get started or improve your Olympic lifting skills and performance.

Check out Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Coaches and Athletes or Olympic Weightlifting for Sports.

They are both outstanding.

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