06 Nov 4 Easy Steps To Get Better Results (PLUS My Big Mistake)

(#39) Here’s 4 simple steps to getting better results.

In the latest podcast, I’ll share the simple 4 step process I use to get progressive training results.

And, find out exactly how to AVOID the big mistake most people make in their training (and the mistake I made for many years).

If you’re serious and committed to your training and fitness goals, you’ll have to check out this short, informative episode.

Here’s more of what you’ll learn about in this session:

  • Why my big mistake sabotaged my training progress for years…
  • Understand the difference between activity and progress
  • Why “random acts of variety” isn’t the way to train
  • The #1 factor in picking a program
  • How to pick a program that’s right for you
  • The one critical thing you must do when you start a training program

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The great book I mention on the show is Easy Strength by Dan John and Pavel.

And, The Shock and Awe Protocol is now available on Amazon.

Take action with the information to accelerate your training progress, if you’re not doing this already.

It will make a huge difference, guaranteed.

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