04 Dec Is Barbell Training Dogmatic?

(#43) Is there such a thing as Barbell Dogma? What about kettlebell dogma for that matter?

In this episode, I’ll share my response to a recent article on the topic of Barbell Dogma.

Find out my open and honest viewpoints on this and hear answers to these questions:

  • Is barbell training really the best tool in the toolbox?
  • What does science and common sense tell us about barbells and “free weight” training compared to machines?
  • The potential consequences that can result from preaching the “barbell doctrine”
  • Are we too wrapped up in “technique” with barbell lifts (Powerlifting and Olympic lifts)?
  • Is barbell training as simple as some say it is?
  • How you can do your own “due diligence”
  • What you may be missing out on by doing ONLY barbell training
  • Why it all depends on your goals
  • And, much more…

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And, what do you think about barbells?

Is there such a thing as barbell dogma?


  • Shawn Garcia
    Posted at 11:45h, 16 December Reply

    I agree Scott that you need to have a good mix of different modalities in your training and you shouldn’t be too dogmatic. My question is though, when do you start losing the benefits of a given tool in the mixing with other practices. For instance should one do a barbell heavy program and infuse some KB work like swings and getups as warmups or burnouts and then infuse some calisthenics in there? Like when are you complicating your program by trying to infuse too much and not focusing on the one tool/modality?

    (dig that you stayed consistent with production even though it was a short show, keeps you top of mind bro.)

    • Scott
      Posted at 20:00h, 17 December Reply

      That’s the money question right there. I think the key is to keep it focused enough on the primary goal, but allowing other implements to come into play as “supplemental” for variety and to continue to develop in other areas.
      For example, I may do a few get ups as mobility prep prior to a hard barbell session, then finish with a few sets of swings for general conditioning (Maybe)
      I think if we do too many things, we don’t get good at anything. Personally, I don’t like the “jack of all trades” approach.
      Maybe the best way to bring in other tools is to do short programs for different goals, using different tools.
      For example, a 5/3/1 barbell program for Raw Strength, then maybe a KB Muscle program for size and strength with KB’s. And, with either program, you could add some “supplemental” work in there, as well.
      Lots of ways to approach it without overcomplicating things and losing the focus on the primary tool for the thing we’re chasing.
      I know you know what I mean…

      • Shawn Garcia
        Posted at 20:06h, 17 December Reply

        I definitely do brother, thanks for checking back and keep up the great content.

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