11 Dec Dr. Jonathan Fass Discussing Hot Topics in Strength and Performance

(#44) In this episode, you’ll hear a dynamic, in-depth interview with Dr. Jonathan Fass as we discuss strength training, evidence based research, and ways to maximize performance.

Dr. Fass has an extensive background, as a Physical Therapist, Strength Coach, and Clinical Researcher.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this information packed podcast session:

  • Learn his simple approach to strength training 
  • How to effectively manage technique issues
  • The good and the bad of CrossFit, according to Dr. Fass
  • What we can learn from a new CrossFit study
  • Why we need to better understand the good and the bad of research to improve our results
  • The big problem with most studies
  • The most important factor in assessment prior to training
  • His response to “Rippetoe Goes Off”
  • His candid thoughts of the “State of the Fitness Industry” – where things could be headed
  • What journals he recommends to improve our training and performance
  • His big tip we can use when looking at the research
  • And, so much more…

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If you’re interested in finding out more about A.R.T. and where to find a local practitioner, click here.

One of the articles we discussed was Rippetoe Goes Off. I think Mark Rippetoe is great, without question, but I have to say I was taken by this article as a former Physical Therapist.

More information on the CrossFit trial we discussed can be found here.

He also mentioned Dr. Bryan Chung and his website, EvidenceBasedFitness.net.

And, finally, check out (Jonathan’s fiancee) Maryanne Kane’s fitness website MyoMyTV.com.

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