18 Dec 7 Simple Program Ideas for Maximum Results

(#45) In this episode, I’ll share 7 simple program examples to maximize performance and results.

Simple is the key word here.

And, simple also means highly effective, at least with the programs I mentioned.

As this year is winding down, we need to really start thinking about our goals right now for the year ahead.

And, we need to find the right program to meet our goals.

If you’re committed to getting out of the gates strong in the New Year, I’ll give you 7 proven and effective program ideas that could literally take your training to the next level.

Here’s what you’ll learn about in the episode:

  • A quick story about my huge disappointment, which is also my biggest recommendation for you
  • The critical factor in getting results (you already know what that is, yet most don’t do it)
  • Why exercise programs don’t have to be complicated
  • What the top coaches recommend for successful programming
  • Specific program ideas and templates for maximal results
  • My challenge for you after listening to this episode

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Here’s my review on Simple and Sinister.

Other things mentioned in this episode were:

  • 5/3/1 (for intermediate to advanced in barbell training)
  • Easy Strength (The “Easy Strength” program is only one program in this book. There are many great programs for all levels contained in this resource.)
  • Olympic Weightlifting for Sports (for all levels of Olympic Weightlifting and a great introduction to the sport)
  • and The Shock and Awe Protocol (an intermediate to advanced double kettlebell program)

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  • Shawn Garcia
    Posted at 22:47h, 19 December Reply

    Great tips Scott. I had a quick question, you mentioned for strength and hypertrophy one of the programs you found tried and tested was 5×5, I find when I do this program (which I currently am) I see tremendous increases in strength, new PRs each week kind of increases. But I don’t find it to be the most effective at hypertrophy. Which protocol would you say works that specifically, for those phases of asthetic compromise lol. And do you have any reading recommendations for hypertrophy with Kettlebells? I know barbells can be more effective for hypertrophy but if you know of anything with KBs let me know.

    • Scott
      Posted at 07:59h, 20 December Reply

      Yeah, the 5 x 5 is a GREAT program. Been around for a long time and, if I’m not mistaken, bodybuilder Reg Park was among the 1st to use the program for strength and muscle building.
      I do think it’s an effective program for hypertrophy (at least for me) because of the higher volume. 25 reps is a lot of reps under heavy load. The hypertrophy benefits may vary individual to individual, but I think it’s
      probably an effective program for both goals, although more traditional bodybuilding type programs may be more “optimal” for hypertrophy.
      As far as hypertrophy with KB’s, there’s no doubt it’s the double complexes that are most effective there.
      Kettlebell Muscle, “Shock & Awe”, or even lots of sets of C+P’s, C+Jerks, C+FSQ all under heavy load are awesome muscle builders, in my experience.
      For hypertrophy, I think the key is moving heavy weight with high(er) reps and volume.
      Anyway, that’s my take.
      Great question!

      • Shawn Garcia
        Posted at 08:10h, 20 December Reply

        Okay so in terms of recommended readings would you say Geoff’s stuff is the go to? And what do you mean when you say high reps cause you know in our SFG world that can’t be the “normal” high reps haha

        • Scott
          Posted at 09:26h, 21 December Reply


          Well, no question, Geoff has great stuff and he’s not called “captain complex” for nothing LOL.

          As far as the high reps, I mean reps in the range of 8-12 with heavy loads. This is not swings and snatches (where those exercises will be much higher reps/volume).
          What I mean is barbell work (DL, Squat, Press, BB curls, etc.) OR double KB work (presses, FSQ, Jerks) in that rep range. Again, those exercises, with high load with increased reps
          are bodybuilding style training. I used to compete as a bodybuilder and that’s all I did for years (rep ranges like that, it works for hypertrophy).

          I’ve also been paying a lot of attention to OL champion Klokov’s training and this is some of what he incorporates into his training, adding the hypertrophy style of training to his WL programming.
          And, he’s just insanely strong, but also has the hypertrophy thing going on, as well.

          Hope that helps buddy!

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