25 Dec Jason Ferruggia: The “Raw” Truth About Strength and Conditioning

(#46) Here’s an interview you’ve got to hear with Strength Coach, Author, and Entrepreneur, Jason Ferruggia.

Jason is a renowned strength coach since 1994 and creator of Renegade Strength and Conditioning.

This is an honest, informative, and valuable interview session that you’ll be able to use and apply immediately.

Here’s what you will learn in this amazing interview with Jason:

  • How he got his start in Fitness
  • What he thinks about CrossFit
  • Find out who had the biggest impact early in his career
  • Hear about 2 books that had a significant early impact in his career
  • 2 “old school” strength icons had a huge influence on him, even today
  • Two surprising things he learned from “old school” strength training
  • Strength or Conditioning: Which is more important?
  • Where conditioning is absolutely essential (and why we can’t miss this)
  • The “real world” big mistake in strength training
  • What Jason (and Arnold Schwartzenegger) agree is the greatest exercise for strength and mass building
  • His current training focus (preferred tools and how he trains)
  • One surprising exercise he avoids and why…And, what he substitutes instead
  • How his performance changed when he went to bodyweight only training
  • Why you need to know the Renegade Rules for optimal performance
  • Why we all need explosive movements, even as we age
  • How meditation made a big difference for Jason and tips to get started
  • What he says we can learn from Jerry Seinfeld…
  • Jason’s thoughts on the most common training mistakes
  • The simple things we need to do to put on mass
  • What you need to know about progressive overload
  • What is the Renegade Strong program?
  • His #1 priority in nutrition, regardless of training goals
  • If you think it’s expensive to eat “healthy”, listen to Jason’s advice…
  • The key to a good diet
  • The ideal body fat percentage you should be BEFORE you eat for muscle gain
  • Find out about Jason’s Inner Circle program
  • His 5 “recommended books” to add to your reading list
  • And, hear his BIG ACTION after listening to this interview…

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To connect with Jason Ferruggia and find out more about his products and services, check out JasonFerruggia.com.

The books that were discussed in this episode were:

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