25 Sep Dr. Michael Hartle: How To Build Serious Strength And Power

(#37) Learn how to develop serious strength and power in this important interview with Dr. Michael Hartle. 

Dr. Hartle has an extensive background in powerlifting as a nationally ranked competitor with USAPL, he is a Master Kettlebell Instructor, and is a practicing Chiropractor, among many other notable credentials.

Dr. Hartle has incredible knowledge and passion about barbell training and is currently one of the chief instructors in the StrongFirst barbell certification, which you’ll hear about in the interview.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this jam packed audio session:

  • How to integrate kettlebells and barbells effectively into a program
  • The best kettlebell exercises to incorporate into a barbell program
  • Are the powerlifts really technical?
  • Who should deadlift and who shouldn’t
  • The stigma of the deadlift
  • What you may be missing by NOT deadlifting
  • Doc’s recommended rep and set schemes for the deadlift
  • The keys to an effective bench press
  • Why we need to squat properly before loading the movement (yes this seems obvious, but surprisingly this is often not followed)
  • Learn about other squat variations
  • Where to start if you’re interested in competitive Powerlifting
  • Unique strength and conditioning programming, specifically for Football
  • The most important kettlebell exercises for “in season” programming
  • One of the most “underutilized” kettlebell exercise that almost no one talks about
  • Learn about the StrongFirst barbell certification (are you ready for it?)
  • The BIG ACTION for you to take after listening to this interview! (DO THIS)
  • And more…

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To connect with Dr. Michael Hartle, go to ChiroPower.com for more information.

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