21 Jan Why The New Name PLUS A Few Training Tips

(#21) This episode is a brief introduction to the new Podcast, The Rdella Training Podcast.

Just a short intro and explanation about the new name and new focus on strength training.

This episode is a “primer” for what’s to come.

I also answer a few listener questions covering a few training tips.  Some of the questions covered are:

  • How often and how long should you do a kettlebell interval training program for the goal of weight loss?
  • Are kettlebells effective for mass building and cardio conditioning and what’s best for each?
  • What’s the best way to integrate barbells and kettlebell into a workout program?

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Show Notes:

I mentioned the Sinister workout by Tracy Reifkind.  To see that workout, click here.  The other conditioning program I mentioned was Viking Warrior Conditioning.

Also, the 2 books I mentioned were Intervention by Dan John and The Swing by Tracy Reifkind.

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See you next time on the Podcast!

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