03 Mar Karen Smith: Debunking The Myths of Women And Strength Training

(#23) Check out this episode that features an inspiring, educational interview with SFG kettlebell instructor, Karen Smith.

Karen is a Senior StrongFirst™ kettlebell instructor and has incredible insight on women and strength training.

But, you can apply these tips whether you’re male or female, it’s all about strength.

Here’s a few key things you’ll learn in this great episode:

  • The most important barbell exercise ALL women should do.
  • How Karen conquered the ultimate strength challenge for women: The Iron Maiden Challenge.
  • Exposing common myths of women in strength training.
  • Is strength training different for a woman vs. a man?
  • Simple, practical tips to improve your pull up strength.
  • The #1 big action you can take after listening to this episode.

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Listen through to the end of this episode when I reveal who’s coming next on the RdellaTraining Podcast!

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