29 Apr Mike Mahler On Hormonal Optimization, Boosting Testosterone & Kettlebell Training

(#27) What exactly is hormonal optimization and why you must understand your hormones to optimize health and performance.

Find out about this and much more in this in-depth episode of the RdellaTraining Podcast!

You’ll get a concise education in optimizing your hormones for health and performance with Hormone Optimization and Kettlebell expert, the one and only, Mike Mahler.

We discussed topics in hormones, supplements, and kettlebell training in this information packed and actionable audio session.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • What is hormonal optimization and why you need to understand how to manage your hormones.
  • What is the “king” hormone and how you can effectively manage it?
  • Learn about the 5 Master hormones.
  • How to determine what nutritional approach is best for you.
  • Learn all about Mike’s new Testosterone Booster: how it works and the ‘unique’ benefits
  • How to expand your knowledge in hormonal optimization for maximum benefit.
  • Are kettlebells “over-hyped?”
  • How to implement kettlebelll programming for the MMA athlete and the 3 big areas of focus
  • What is the “perfect match” with kettlebell training?
  • The best exercises and methods to combine with kettlebells
  • What’s the ONE THING you need to do after listening to this interview???
  • And, much more, of course!

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To find out more about Mike Mahler, find him at MikeMahler.com.

To get Mike’s book, Live Life Aggressively, click here.  This book also supports 2 great causes, just FYI.

To get Mike’s comprehensive course on hormonal optimization, click here.

Here’s the reference article I mentioned on kettlebell transference to barbell lifts.

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