13 May Brett Jones – How To Prevent Injuries, Understand Movement, and Get Stronger

(#28) Learn how to minimize risk for injuries, understand the value of the Functional Movement Screen (FMS), and learn tips to improve your strength in this outstanding interview with Brett Jones.

Brett Jones is a Master kettlebell instructor, top strength coach, and expert in the area of Functional Movement.

This is an extremely valuable and insightful interview with many great training tips and advice you can use and apply immediately.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn and discover in this interview:

  • What is the foundation to physical strength.
  • Understand the common misunderstanding of training for strength vs. hypertrophy.
  • Understand why “big” isn’t always strong.
  • What is the FMS (Functional Movement Screen) and how this can add value to your training.
  • What the FMS does and does not do.
  • What else we need to look at besides the FMS.
  • The best exercises for “healthy” shoulders.
  • 2 surprising shoulder strengthening exercises anyone can do.
  • The most overlooked aspect of back strength programming.
  • The #1 exercise to prevent low back pain (most feared, least used).
  • The truth about the Turkish Get Up (are we being too technical?)
  • Who should/shouldn’t do the TGU.
  • Brett’s recommendation to prepare for advanced kettlebell certifications.
  • The one tool he’d use if he couldn’t train with a kettlebell or barbell.
  • The ONE BIG ACTION for you to take after listening to this interview.
  • And, so much more…

I encourage you to listen to this entire episode (as there’s some really great tips at the end) and apply the information to your own training.

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To connect with Brett Jones, you can find him at Applied Strength.com.

To learn more about the FMS, go to Funtional Movement.com.

To find out about other assessment tools discussed, visit Move2Perform.com.

To find out more about group use of the FMS, visit Movement Lectures.com.

For the Brett Jones RKC/SFG prep program, click here.

To see Brett Jones in action and get a deep dive education in the Turkish Get Up, check out the Kalos Stenos DVD and Kettlebells From the Ground Up 2, Advanced Progressions DVD.

Also, the Dynami DVD is excellent for swing, squat, press, and many more techniques and progressions.

I hope you enjoy this interview and learn from all the great tips and wisdom.

Please take action with the information and take your training to the next level.

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