17 Jun Tim Anderson – Why We All Need ‘Original Strength’

(#29) Get stronger, move better, and regain the body you were meant to have with the new book, Original Strength by Tim Anderson and Geoff Neupert.

In this episode, I interviewed one of the authors, Tim Anderson, as he tells us all about the benefits of Original Strength.

You’ll be able to apply this information immediately to your training and better understand why fundamental human movement is so important so that we get the results we want.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What exactly is Original Strength
  • Find out who this book benefits the most
  • Learn how this build’s from Tim’s previous 2 books (Becoming Bulletproof and Pressing Reset)
  • Discover the vestibular system and why this is so critical for core strength
  • Learn specifically how to use the Original Strength system in your own training
  • Understand the real benefits of fundamental movement patterns and how to get started now
  • Find out how to use these simple, time efficient methods and progressions in your training
  • Understand why we all need “Original Strength
  • And, much more…

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Show Notes.

To learn more about Tim and Geoff’s book and Original Strength, check out OriginalStrength.net.

Also, check out this amazing video of Tim doing a one mile spiderman crawl that we talked about on the show. If you’re skeptical about the approach, you need to check this out.

And, be sure to grab the great book, Original Strength by Tim Anderson and Geoff Neupert and discover why you are meant to move.

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