09 Jul 5 Advanced Kettlebell Progressions You Should Know About

(#30) Learn about 5 specific, powerful kettlebell progressions to consider in your kettlebell training journey.

These progressions are for those that have a strong foundation of fundamental kettlebell skills.

But, even if you’re not ready for these yet, this will be important to understand for future consideration and program progressions.

Benefits of the exercises covered in this episode include:

  • improving athleticism
  • improving strength
  • enhancing mobility
  • building power and explosiveness
  • and, achieving a high level of fitness and performance

These are 5 very powerful kettlebell progressions to know about.

But, please carefully consider whether these progressions are currently a match for your goals and skill set.

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Hope you enjoyed this episode and I have some cutting edge, breakthrough episodes coming for you soon!!!

  • Benno
    Posted at 12:04h, 13 July Reply

    Hello Scott,

    These is great éducation. thank you.
    I am really enthousiast about the botums up press. I would like to now how you can do double botums up front squat and the Turkish get up. Because that is really new to me.

    I will practice these great exercises. Its a Nice podcast and it help me to improve myself!



    • Scott
      Posted at 21:40h, 14 July Reply

      Thanks Benno.
      I will work on putting together a video soon to show the bottoms up progressions, so you can see.
      Appreciate the comments and train safe!

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