31 Jul Eric Cressey on Maximum Strength

(#32) Maximizing strength, minimizing risk for injury, and programming ideas are some of the topics that are discussed in this informative podcast episode.

Listen to an amazing interview with the Author of the book Maximum Strength, Eric Cressey.

Eric is a renowned strength and conditioning coach, owner of Cressy Performance, and author of many books and articles on strength, conditioning, and injury prevention.

Anytime you can get a guy like Eric to learn from, we need to listen and think about how we can apply his great insights and perspectives into our own strength and performance training.

You’ll learn a lot in this power packed, informational audio interview session with valuable, practical advice to your improve strength and performance.

Here’s some of what you’ll hear about in this episode:

  • The single most important thing Eric did in his own training to get insanely strong
  • His specific programming approach to strength for beginners through advanced
  • Understand the difference between ‘overreaching’ and ‘overtraining’ and how to recognize the signs
  • Learn the most common shoulder problems and how to effectively manage
  • Discover his simple keys to reduce the risk for injury
  • Hear how he likes to integrate kettlebells into his programming
  • Learn about Eric’s “Show and Go” Training System
  • And, many more great tips and insight from Eric…

Be sure to listen all the way through for valuable training information in this audio session.

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To learn more about Eric Cressey, find him at EricCressey.com.

And, to find out more about Eric’s “Show and Go” Training System, go to ShowAndGoTraining.com.

I hope you got great value from this episode and get ready for another great interview, next with Charlie Weingroff.

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