22 Feb Katy Bowman – Movement Matters, The Science Of Better Movement

(#198) Katy Bowman is this week’s amazing guest. Katy is a bestselling author, biomechanist, movement scientist, writer, and creator of Nutritious Movement.

Katy is absolutely brilliant and I’m extremely excited to have her join the show to discuss her uncommon approaches to optimizing human movement, alignment, and positioning. She is truly a “movement scientist” committed to improving human health and performance through better movement. Her approach goes way beyond the time spent in the gym, as you’ll learn about.

This session may blow your mind. I’d encourage more than one listen to this episode to fully understand all the great insights she shares.

Here’s what you’ll learn this week on the show:

  • Why she’s so passionate about human movement
  • Differences between movement and exercise – and why she’s a “mover”
  • How she assesses movement (this is outstanding!)
  • Why it’s really about “assessing ourselves”
  • Why our movement goes way beyond exercise training
  • How she defines “good movement” (an analogy)
  • Why movement is truly holistic – and not isolated
  • What book Katy says movement professionals should start with
  • 3 simple steps to improve your movement and minimize static postures
  • Katy discusses a day in her life (a visual display of her day-to-day)
  • How she describes her “mobility” – and what she does to address it
  • How she approaches strength (an uncommon, but effective approach)
  • How she stays up-to-date with the science (this blew my mind)
  • Learn about her latest books
  • What Katy says is the most valuable movement for most people
  • Important, simple, and actionable closing advice

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